Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Purchases!

Hey guys! I got some new stuff, and thought you'd want a first look! 

My camera made this look much more orange than it actually is, but the image below is a better depiction of the color. I'm really excited about this coat, because it was originally over a hundred bucks, and I got it for $29! I thought it was a good deal especially since it's Levi's.

Again the coloring is a little off here, but oh well. Even though these shorts from Old Navy hit just above my knees, they're still really comfortable. I'm pretty excited about the electric blue ones on top.

Agh! The color! I've been wanting red pants forever! I finally found a pair at PacSun. I didn't see them at first and was about to give up on the 2 for $65 sale they were having, before I found them, my size on top, hidden under a pile of sweatshirts. Whoo!

I'm also pretty happy with the burnt orange jeans, because they work throughout most of the seasons.  MY COLLECTION OF COLORED PANTS IS GROWING!!!

I've also just been wanting these... Because they're awesome.

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