Monday, May 21, 2012

To be honest with you, Dianne...


Hey guys! Bonus points if you can tell me where my title name is from!

Moving on... It looks like someone just put their foot in my face, and I apologize. I actually think I had to sneeze there but it didn't come out (I think everyone hates when that happens, am I right?) Second if you're wondering about the scenery throughout this shoot, I did it at my school (without pesky children of course).


This is me pole dancing =}

This is my sexy party (of one).

This is me about to eat a dandelion.

Last but not least, this happens to be a close up of my face, If you look up my hair long enough, you'll notice that my hair is being blown in the breeze just a little.

Neon Green Hoodie- Target
T-Shirt- America Eagle
Shorts- Old Navy
Sandals- Old Navy

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