Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Hey little farts, Merry Christmas! I took these pictures at the parking lot of the mall where I live. We went to see  Les Miserables. It was great, the acting, singing--all of it (my mom cried like fifty times). My outfit is simple today. I really like the shirt I'm wearing. It's comfortable, and I got it on scale in Target for only eight bucks. I'm really excited though because as you can see, I finally got a pair of Dr. Martens in my favorite color. I'm planning on wearing them with everything even though some argue it won't match...I'll make it match.

My sexy ass shoes.

 Gabi tagged along for the pictures. She looks like she belongs in an anime. Also, my sister and I made that sexy shirt she's rocking. Any Minecraft fans here?

Button-up shirt: Odin New York (for Target)
Jean Jacket: Levi's
Purple Boots: Dr. Martens
Scarf: Handmade (by awesome sister)


  1. For real though, could your shoes be any more perfect. Like, let's be real. Please dress everyone in my state. Thanks.

    - - - - -


    1. Thank you! You honestly just made my day Emily. Have a wonderful day!=]

  2. Haha, I totally did my xmas post yesterday with the exact same title though :P Love the boots and I hope you had an awesome holiday :D


  3. Thanks, I hope you had an awesome holiday as well!=]

  4. Your purple boots are so cute, love how you styled them <3